Welcome to The EntreComp Community, an entrepreneurial learning platform and your one-stop-shop for all thing entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial competences, entrepreneurship and EntreComp. Come in, take a look around, and see how joining this community can help you develop lifelong skills.

Let’s start with the basics, if you are new to entrepreneurial learning these key terms will help you get started. If you are already familiar, why not start by registering for your own EntreComp Community account?

EntreComp – The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework was developed by the European Commission in 2016. It is a free, flexible reference framework that can be adapted to support the development and understanding of entrepreneurial competence in any setting. To read the full framework, head over to The EntreComp Community Library.

Entrepreneurship – EntreComp defines entrepreneurship as: The capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas and transform them into value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural or social.

Entrepreneurial competences – Competences are demonstrable characteristics and skills that enable and improve abilities. The EntreComp Framework is divided into three competence areas: Ideas and Opportunities, Resources, and Into Action. Each area has five competences: Spotting opportunities, Creativity, Valuing ideas, Vision, Ethical and sustainable thinking, Financial and economic literacy, Mobilising resources, Mobilising others, Motivation and perseverance, Self-awareness and self-efficacy, Working with others, Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk, Planning and management, Learning through experience, and Taking the Initiative. Together, these 15 key competences underpin EntreComp and are a base for developing an entrepreneurial mindset. To see the EntreComp Framework in English and other languages, head over to The EntreComp Community Library.

The three EntreComp competence areas

To find out more about EntreComp and the entrepreneurial competences, head over to The EntreComp Community Library where you can view the ‘What is EntreComp?’ interactive presentation.

Learning community – There a many ways to describe a learning community, for us, it means a group of like minded individuals and organisations who share common goals, working collaboratively to share ideas and resources and support on another through practices and initiatives, adding value to the learning process.

Now you know the basics, you might be asking yourself ‘What is The EntreComp Community’? That’s a great questions, and questions are a great way to learn. Over the years since the EntreComp framework was developed, many European projects, organisations and individual have used all, or part, of the framework as either a base for further development or as a tool to foster engagement and evolution. The team behind The EntreComp Community want to bring all this knowledge together in one home, creating a sustainable one-stop-shop that brings together different sectors working in entrepreneurial education in both formal and non-formal ways. Our aim is to make it easy for all learners to access recourses, courses and communities to develop their entrepreneurial skills no matter where they currently are on their journey.

Here on EntreComp.com you will find details of the projects currently feeding into The EntreComp Community, as well as highlighted resources and community groups and is where you can both register for and log in to your personal account.

Everyone can explore the EntreComp Library where you will find publications, tools, case studies, videos and more, without the need for an account. All resources are free to view and share. To get the most out of the learning platform however, we suggest registering for a personal account. Only logged in user are able to access course, events, articles, badges and most importantly of all, community groups which are sector or location specific and help you connect with like-minded people.

The EntreComp Community apps menu

The EntreComp Community is a learning management system developed by Thinqi who provide continued technical support and new developments. The platform has be customised to best fit the entrepreneurial learning model and specific resources. The collaborative nature of the Community means that there are several organisations and individuals involved in different aspects of developing content, communities and management of the platform. You can read more about these on the About page. Key in both inception and development of The EntreComp Community and linking it to both ongoing and future projects is Bantani Education.

We hope that The EntreComp Community will provide value to you on your entrepreneurial learning journey. If you want to get in touch with the team with any questions, you can email entrecomp@bantani.com.