Dear EntreComp Community members, 

We are delighted to welcome you to this latest EntreComp Community newsletter. As always, our work to continues creating synergies in entrepreneurial learning and we have several exiting updates to share with you. Firstly, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the new community members, in June and July we have grown by 175 people taking us to over 500 community members. If you haven’t visited the site in a while, login, say hello and see what is new! 

In this issue you will hear about the upcoming EntreComp for Digital Study Visit – including your chance to present your practice, and the latest Community Challenge. We also invite you to complete the Digital Firefly survey for educators and look at a round roundup of entrepreneurial and educational resources in Ukrainian and for teachers working with Ukrainian migrant learners. We are also looking towards other projects in the entrepreneurial education space to share their own updates. 

EntreComp for Digital Study Visit: Save the Date and Call for Practices

Following on from the recent EntreComp for Digital Hackathon, on 20 September we will host an online study visit, keeping the EntreComp for Digital theme. We invite you to register for the event, and mark the date in your calendar. We are also looking for organisations, initiatives and projects to present at the event. This will be a highly interactive event, with digital booths dedicated to initiatives using EntreComp, DigComp or other transversal skills. Our call for practices is now open, and we look forward to what you can share with us. If you have any questions, please contact entrecomp@bantani.com.  

Community Challenge  

The third EntreComp for Entrepreneurial Mindsets Community Challenge is now available! This time we turn our eyes to situations – and the actions taken – at work, in emergency situations or during your free time which reflect an entrepreneurial mindset. This activity aims to inspire exchanges on innovative ways to be entrepreneurial in your daily lives. Head over to the Community discussion to take part

Stay tuned for more community challenges coming soon, the next topic is EntreComp for Digital, so make sure you are a member of the EntreComp for Digital Community if you want to take part. 

Join the Communities of Practice

Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial learning journey to the next stage? Whether you are already using entrepreneurial competences in your daily work, or are curious to find out how to make it work for you, you are invited to join The EntreComp Communities of Practice. 

Joining a community group is easy, you need to log in to your account, and click on the Community tab in the site menu, here you will see all the available groups and can simply click to join the ones you are most interested in. If you need some help navigating the community group, take a look at our help guide

Get your EntreComp badges

It’s time to get recognised for your entrepreneurial learning! We have launched a new series of digital badges to recognise both individuals and organisations supporting or active in entrepreneurial learning anywhere in the world. Recipients of the EntreComp Badges will be able to increase visibility of their learning as part of the growing EntreComp Community, a home for individuals and organisations developing entrepreneurial competences through their work and actively using the EntreComp framework. The badges are issued by Open Badge Factory and can easily be shared on your social media profile, websites – or even your CV – to share your skills and recognition with your network. For more details and to learn how to apply for you badges, head over to the EntreComp website

Digital Firefly – Survey for educators 

Digital Firefly is an Erasmus+ co-funded project which aims to identify and address the challenges teachers, trainers, and teacher-educators face in developing entrepreneurial competences online, with special attention to the development of online and blended learning tools. The project is looking for teachers and educators, especially those working with secondary and VET students aged 14 to 19 years old to find out more about their experiences developing entrepreneurial competences during the pandemic in order to create a responsive suite of tools case studies and training to upskill and prepare entrepreneurial educators to develop entrepreneurial competences online in the secondary environment. 

There are two surveys, depending on your role as either a policy-maker or teacher, we appreciate you time in supporting this research project. 

Entrepreneurial and educational resources in Ukrainian 

With the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the EntreComp Community team want to support our friends in a small way with learning resources in the Ukrainian language. We have collated a list of resources for Ukrainian teachers to develop entrepreneurial skills – including the EntreComp Playbook and EntreLearn which have both been translated into Ukrainian for the first time by Me and My School with support from Bantani Education and The EntreComp Community. There are also resources developed by various European institutions to support displaced teachers and learners as well as schools and teachers supporting displaced learners across Europe. We hope that this small effort will provide value to those in crisis, and those supporting them ??. Find all the resources on The EntreComp Community

Most popular resources in July 

As we head into summer, let’s take a look back at what have been the most popular resources in the EntreComp library this month. 

  1. The EntreComp Playbook 
  1. EntreComp Into Action 
  1. Assessment and recognition in formal and non-formal learning in entrepreneurship education 
  1. EntreAssess – Self assessment tool 
  1. EntreComp Certificate 

Entrepreneurial Education Showcase: Save the Date! 

Bantani Education is preparing an exciting Entrepreneurial Education Showcase to take place in Brussels on 22 November. This event will bring together several projects developing innovative tools and resources to develop entrepreneurial skills from young learners through to adult education. Pre-registration is now open so register your interest now and you will be the first to hear the full event details. 

Newsletter roundup 

Take a look at these recent updates from other projects working in the world of entrepreneurial learning and skills development. 

EntreComp Europe 



That’s all for this issue of The EntreComp Community Newsletter. If you have a story you would like us to feature, send an email to entrecomp@bantani.com. You can also start a discussion at any time within the community groups if you would like to share a project, resource, publication, activity or tool with our growing community. 

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The EntreComp Community team. 

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