It’s high time to get recognised for bringing value and a change to entrepreneurial learning by using EntreComp! 

EntreComp Community is a unique, immensely diverse, and rapidly growing world of entrepreneurial learning professionals where we bring together people and organisations with an entrepreneurial vision to unite their forces and transform education in response to the demands of tomorrow’s world. 

The EntreComp Community is a perfect opportunity not only to share your entrepreneurial practices but also to discover entrepreneurial yourself.😊

Here you Connect, Learn, Share and even more – get recognised for your work and become a Champion! Yes, you heard it right – within your organisation and beyond, you could become an EntreComp Champion! In the EntreComp Community we do acknowledge and award those who innovate and transform their practices as well as showing impact outside of their organisation.    

The EntreComp Awards are an initiative of the European Commission launched in 2022, known as EntreComp Synergies, to distinguish changemakers that bring their contributions to the development of entrepreneurial and lifelong learning using EntreComp. There are 4 levels of the Awards: Supporter, Explorer, Practitioner and Champion. 

Champion is the highest award that can be achieved in EntreComp. This is a prestigious and competitive award granted to outstanding applicants with profound change-making activities. It is all about using the EntreComp framework to have a noticeable positive impact on the policies beyond your immediate work environment. This can be done by carrying out transformative practices or policies in the context of entrepreneurial learning.  

  • Do you use EntreComp to add value to your work in the entrepreneurial learning field?  
  • Does your work bring transformative and impactful change to entrepreneurial learning outside your workplace? 
  • Does it inspire and empower others? 
  • Do you promote and share EntreComp among others to facilitate the development of entrepreneurial learning? 

If all this sounds like music to your ears, you may become an EntreComp Champion! 

The benefits of becoming an EntreComp Champion? 

  • Get acknowledged by the European Commission for your achievements with a certificate; 
  • Boost your professional profile with a special badge added to your CV, LinkedIn, signature, EntreComp/social media profiles; 
  • Have your work shared with an exclusive worldwide network; 
  • Open up to numerous opportunities and learning; 

You can apply as an individual or an organisation. Applications will be reviewed and awarded by the EntreComp Champions Jury and the winners will be celebrated at the EntreComp Champions Award Ceremony on the 6th of November 2023 in Brussels.

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If you have any questions or need support with your application, please contact   

Applications are open until May 5, 2023. Apply! 

Connect, learn, share, get recognized!