What is the EntreComp Community?

The EntreComp Community is an entrepreneurial learning platform, think of it as your one-stop-shop for entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial competences, the EntreComp framework and more. The EntreComp Community was created and developed by a team of dedicated individuals looking to bring together various European projects working in entrepreneurship. Find out more about the key projects that bring content, resources and community building to The EntreComp Community learning platform.

EntreComp Synergies

EntreComp Synergies is an initiative of the European Union.

Within the EntreComp Community, EntreComp Synergies develops several Communities of Practice, leads the EntreComp Champions scheme and organises monthly challenges.

For more information, please visit the project website.

EntreComp Europe

EntreComp Europe, funded by the COSME programme of the European Union, sets up national and regional EntreComp communities to explore the use of EntreComp in youth work, education, employment and enterprise. The project aims to create partner channels to develop new transnational collaborations around EntreComp through events and conferences. This project gathers partners from Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Moldova around a common goal: to spread the word about EntreComp. 

Within the EntreComp Community, EntreComp Europe hosts collaborative community groups for each of the partner countries: Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Moldova with content in each local language, as well as a Europe group for English speakers. You must register and log in to join a group.


EntreComp360, an Erasmus + funded project, seeks to support actors in the lifelong learning sector to develop, validate and enhance entrepreneurship as a key competence. The project will set up a one-stop-shop website to help actors from across formal education, youth organisations, employers and business to make use of the EntreComp framework. It will make guides, toolboxes, MOOCs and other material freely available to foster the uptake of the framework. The project is a consortium of partners from Iceland, Belgium, Italy, Finland, UK and Spain.

Within the EntreComp Community, EntreComp360 collects resources and case studies to publish in the Library as well as developing training course more details of which will be available soon.

Other projects

There are also several other projects and organisations working with the EntreComp community to provide resources, communities, events and courses. This is a developing group which is always changing. If you are interested in hosting resources, communities, events or courses on the EntreComp Community please send and email to entrecomp@bantani.com

Women Learning Together

Women Learning Together is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Project Website.