Join the EntreComp Community Café

The EntreComp Community invites you, our Community members, to join us for the EntreComp Community Café! Each month we will meet online to discuss entrepreneurial learning as well as hearing from experts and changemakers.

We will meet online every once a month, here is what our schedule looks like for the next few months. Click the buttons to register for each event.

This café series continues on from the success of the EntreCompEdu Café which started in 2021 with the running of the EntreCompEdu training course for entrepreneurial teachers. It later expanded into both English and Spanish language sessions hosted by the EntreComp Europe partners. A popular EntreComp Arab Café has also taken place online with colleague from Arabic-speaking countries.

The café aims to bring together experts and changemakers from all fields and levels of entrepreneurial learning to encourage a sense of peer learning. During the monthly sessions there will be the chance for participants to share their own thoughts and experiences and take part in interactive experiences.

You can register now for all open sessions at the links above. Please note that the schedule is subject to change, all details will be shared on this site.

Past sessions

19 Sep – The Art of Positive Thinking

In this session, the can-do attitude and entrepreneurial mindset we work so hard to develop were fuelled with every positive thought! This session was designed to empower us to take control of our thoughts and emotions, and to unlock our full potential.

11 July – Youth Power and Entrepreneurial Skills

In this session, we brainstormed together how to ignite the passion, fuel the creativity, and empower youth to take control of their future. 

13 June–We are what we eat – Food system challenges

In this session, we delved into the critical issues facing our food systems today, from sustainability and environmental impact to accessibility and equity. Together, we discussed and brainstormed innovative solutions to overcome these challenges and create a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable food system for all.

16 May–Artificial Intelligence and its role in Education

In this session, we dived into the fascinating world of AI and its role in education. 

18 Apr– Embracing sustainability

In this session, linked to International Mother Earth Day, we talked about what we can do to embrace sustainability.

14 March– The evolving role of women entrepreneurs

In this session, we talked about the evolving role of women entrepreneurs and we had the chance to be among amazing women who are creating opportunities and transforming the life of many women around the world.

14 Feb– Developing our entrepreneurial mindset

This Café was led by Marianella Parra from Bantani Education and Paolo Montemurro from MateraHub joined us. In this session,  we learnt about what it takes to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in unusual places.

17 Jan– Entrepreneurial New Year’s resolutions

In this Café, led by Marianella Parra from Bantani Education, we talked about our New Year’s Resolutions and how to make them happen!

Time Management Matrix

13 Dec – Let’s give back to others

This Café, led by Marianella Parra and Megan Reis both from Bantani Education,  was very special for us because we talked about taking the initiative and mobilising others to do good. We reflected on what kind of value we create and how can that help others too. We also had the chance to share two wonderful projects. 

Brainstorming activity

15 November – Being Entrepreneurial: Celebrations and Champions

This café was led by Elin McCallum and Hazel Israel from the hosting organisation Bantani Education.This session was to show a preview of the upcoming Being Entrepreneurial 2022 event, with interactive challenges from some of the projects taking part.

Example of the Ikigai tool

18 October – Welcome to your EntreComp Community

Our first session was led by Marianella Parra from Bantani Education, showing you the ins and outs of The EntreComp Community learning platform. A chance to really get to grips with all the features including through live challenges.

Dr Asli Cazorla Milla

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