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The EntreComp Community Café is a monthly event bringing together interested stakeholders in the entrepreneurial learning sector across Europe and beyond. If you missed any of our sessions, or just want to catch it again, take a look at the details below.

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11 July- Youth Power and Entrepreneurial Skills

In this session, we brainstormed together how to ignite the passion, fuel the creativity, and empower youth to take control of their future.

Solene Moutier education project specialist at  EIT Raw Materials, explained us all about the  Girls Go Circular initiative. 

Abdel-Razzak Natsheh, from  An-Najah National University, presented the  EPISODE project, which aims to empower continuing vocational education and training providers to enhance the resilience, digital readiness, and growth of social entrepreneurship, micro-businesses, MSMEs, and early-stage start-ups in Palestine, with a focus on producing public prosperity.

And Paz Fernández de Vera, Head of Training and Careers Guidance at IES El Batán, shared ‘a story about ideas’.

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