Catch up on the EntreComp Community Café

The EntreComp Community Café is a monthly event bringing together interested stakeholders in the entrepreneurial learning sector across Europe and beyond. If you missed any of our sessions, or just want to catch it again, take a look at the details below.

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13 December – Let’s give back to others

This week the Café, led by Marianella Parra and Megan Reis, both from Bantani Education, was very special because it was all about how important is for us to give back to others. We talked about taking the initiative and mobilising others to do good. We reflected on what kind of value we create and how can that help others too.

And to start talking about mobilising people to do good, we talked about two wonderful projects: Panabus and Hibuki Therapy. The Panabus project is from Caracas, Venezuela, and is an assistance network for homeless people. We had the chance to talk with Carlos De Veer, the creator of Panabus, and he explained to us the journey of the project.

The Hibuki Therapy project helps traumatised children in Ukraine. Iryna Minkovska is an educator from Kharkiv, Ukraine, and part of this wonderful project. She sent a special video message and explained to us all about the project and how we can help children in Ukraine.

We also had the chance to do a brainstorming activity to share ideas about the things that we can do for others that will make a difference.