Catch up on the EntreComp Community Café

The EntreComp Community Café is a monthly event bringing together interested stakeholders in the entrepreneurial learning sector across Europe and beyond. If you missed any of our sessions, or just want to catch it again, take a look at the details below.

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17 January – Let’s give back to others

In this Café, led by Marianella Parra, from Bantani Education, we talked about our New Year’s resolutions and how to make them happen!

For this Café, we decided to do an activity involving our EntreComp Flower where we had to choose our top two competences and also identify two that we are not so good at or that we need to develop further. After that, we thought of ways in which we can “use” our competences during 2023.

 We also share thoughts and tips about planning so that we can stay on track and make our goals achievable!  We analysed how the Time Management Matrix, and the Constructive Alignment technique can help us reach our goals in a more productive way. We also went through some ways to plan efficiently.

We certainly enjoyed hearing from our participants inspiring experiences and tips! That’s why we encourage you to join the EntreComp Community and to take part in the discussion forum that is available.