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The EntreComp Community Café is a monthly event bringing together interested stakeholders in the entrepreneurial learning sector across Europe and beyond. If you missed any of our sessions, or just want to catch it again, take a look at the details below.

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18 April -Embracing sustainability

This week the Café was led by Marianella Parra from Bantani Education. It was an honour to be among such amazing people that are part of wonderful projects which are helping to promote a more sustainable world.

Our first speaker was Barbora Dvořáková from Lipka. Lipka is an educational institution for environmental education and one of the oldest and largest organizations in the Czechia with this focus. Barbora shared with us some of the activities that they do with students and practitioners and talked about the need to connect sustainability and entrepreneurship.

The session continued by presenting another great project: Entrepreneurship4All. The project aims to increase the number of successful entrepreneurs in Europe through education and training. One of the pillars of this training is the Sustainable Development. Thomas Chalatsis from iED-Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, explained us all about it and invited us to participate in this training.

Our last speaker was  Filip Burguelman from Thomas More University. Filip shared with us an amazing initiative that they developed during the International Innovation Lab. He explained to us how they empower entrepreneurial competences directly connected to EntreComp by using specific problem-solving cases that are related to sustainability. This year’s challenge was “Fashion Goes Green: Cicular Business models in fashion”.

Don’t miss the chance to get to know them by checking out the video or reading the summary that you can find below! And if you want to share more ideas, you can join the event discussion!