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It’s high time to get recognised for bringing value and a change to entrepreneurial learning by using EntreComp!  EntreComp Community is a unique, immensely diverse, and rapidly growing world of entrepreneurial learning professionals where we bring together people and organisations with an entrepreneurial vision to unite their […]
On Tuesday 22 November, stakeholders from across Europe gathered in Brussels to celebrate entrepreneurial learning in ‘Being Entrepreneurial 2022’. The first in-person event led by The EntreComp Community, and coordinated by Bantani Education, it connected 85 people and projects working on entrepreneurial learning across diverse contexts, […]
Welcome Dear EntreComp Community members,  We are delighted to welcome you to this latest EntreComp Community newsletter. As always, our work to continues creating synergies in entrepreneurial learning and we have several exiting updates to share with you. Firstly, we would like to extend a warm […]
There is lots happening in and around the EntreComp Community this month, bringing you activities from different partners and on a wide range of themes – all linking into entrepreneurial learning! Take a look below for activities to participate in or new groups to join – […]
Are you ready to take your entrepreneurial learning journey to the next stage? Whether you are already using entrepreneurial competences in your daily work, or are curious to find out how to make it work for you, you are invited to join The EntreComp Community.
The EntreComp Community and the EntreComp Synergies project are delighted to share the first provisional EntreComp Challenges and Events calendar for 2022-23. With regular online challenges, all community members are invited to step-up their knowledge of EntreComp through bite-sized learning moments, and encouraged to add their […]
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